.NET Core global CLI tool for reading assembly version

We have encountered issues with wrong assembly versions in our projects. Mostly caused by misinterpreting the file version as assembly version. Since reading assembly version is not possible from the command line, we had an idea about creating a console tool for reading assembly version and other assembly metadata, but we were not sure how to distribute it. When we heard about a new feature from .NET Core version 2.1 Global Tools, we decide to open source our tool and share the code with the community. You can find the code at aver git hub repository.

If you want to user aver, just run install command:

>dotnet tool install -g aver

.Net Core command line interface will download the package from Nuget feed and install tool globally. You can aver from this point to read assembly version:

>aver System.Web.Http.dll

You can also read other assembly metadata:

>aver --all System.Web.Http.dll
CompanyName: Microsoft Corporation.
FileVersion: 5.2.30128.0
FullName: System.Web.Http, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35
ProductVersion: 5.2.3-30128 (0e974218e12a67d4b1f25422119e40cfe6953e46)
TargetFramework: v4.0.30319

All comments and contributions are welcome.

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